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We distribute your digital music on to more than 100+ Digital Service Providers world-wide. Your music will have the global exposure needed to break out onto the international stage. Expanding the reach for your music, tapping into international fan-bases abroad. Your music will be on major platforms such the likes of Spotify, iTunes, Google play, Amazon music, Tidal, YouTube and much more..


Easy access to your login portal, instantly uploading and registering your music. Free ISRC/UPC codes or adding your own personal ISRCs, as well as simple transfers from your previous distributor.  (Guide how to transfer from the old distributor in the portal) Sign up is free and open to all users who want to get their music on all the major streaming platforms around the world. Choose set territories and individual countries you decide your music to be distributed to, with preorders and scheduled release dates to plan marketing leading up to your release. Simple split sheets to include other contributing parties of your music, with YouTubes Content ID algorithm, a digital fingerprint that identifies your music from being infringed by others on YouTube. You will have full control and easy over-sight to your music analytics around the world in real-time. Making the task of release promotions and marketing your music easier to manage, enabling large followings to new fans around the world, creating a business model that suits your career.


There is an estimated of 1.4 Billion dollars of unpaid royalties world-wide in today's music industry on a yearly base, mostly due to the incorrect metadata of music files. Metadata is crucial and vital for your music success and acknowledging legitimate rights holders to your music. Metadata is basically information that is essential to recognizing different key points to your music’s production timeline, including identifying different participants contributing to your music including other roles of those involved, especially with online music distribution. Metadata can also be embedded into your music as well as additional information attached with your audio file, crucial when allowing your music to be licensed, offering you more opportunities from licensing agencies or representatives and supervisors who request the rights to use your music, if they believe it has a chance featuring in films, television, advertisements, video games, businesses, and performances, etc.. Making sure 100% of your music royalties are accounted for and are correctly paid to you as the rights holder, properly crediting you for hard efforts you put into your music.

If details to your music's metadata is incorrect, you most certainly will be missing out on potential opportunities including royalties as it makes it difficult for us to properly collect. If you have any metadata or any registered codes that can assist your music, we can have these updated and embedded into your music audio file, with any other additional details you can provide, such codes include ISNI codes, IPI codes, UPC Codes, ISWC codes, ISRC codes, RIN files, WAV formats, Music tags,  etc… These codes all contribute to your music analytics and assist with the transparent tracking of your music’s royalties.

If you don’t have any of this metadata, don't worry we will provide and issue registered members including your music with the necessary codes for FREE. All metadata that will verify the correct rights holders and codes representing music organizations you will be affiliated with around the globe, who license your music out into the public domain, accumulating royalties for its usage. Members will also get sent out certificates validating all codes being assigned to you. We work closely with trusted and pioneer in the music industry SoundCredit using revolutionary technology and its latest software to ensure accurate metadata is embedded with your music files. All music metadata are entered into a transparent database, excepted as international standard and is verified world-wide. Accurately identifying all members music content and material, helping big music organizations accurately recognize and pay music creators.  

  • IPI Number: Interested Party Information   (Identification for songwriters)
  • ISNI Number: International Standard Name Identifier   (Identifies contributors to your music)
  • UPC Code: universal product code   (barcode that tracks downloads)
  • ISWC Code: International Standard Musical Word Code   (Assigned to compositions of works)
  • ISRC Code: International Standard Recording Code   (Assigned to sound recordings)

Mastering your music

To ensure your music gets that crisp studio high quality sound, minus all the distortions and other background noise, we master your music free of service. Registered users will have full access to all our music services required for your music, including mastering that professional sound saving musicians extra costs and music expenses needed to hire a producer to have this done. We have a free online tool to master your music, giving your audio file the best results with that studio quality sound down below...

Mastering your music makes a big difference to your sound tracks and you will definitely pull in more fans enjoying high quality music to your already existing fanbase. Most of the time mastering is what's required of your music, before distributing out to radio stations for broadcasting, a real professional touch to fully complete the recording sound to your music.


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