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Transferring Your Releases to Meutone Music

Keep all your streaming stats and playlist information



  • Your audio and video files.
  • ISRCs
  • International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) the unique tracking codes attributed to single or album recording. If you need help retrieving these please contact us via your artist dashboard.


  • Create an MEUTONE account and sign up (if you haven't done so already!)
  • Login to your MEUTONE account
  • Click the 'Create New Release' tile in the artist dashboard.
  • Choose the 're-release of an existing single/album' option
  • When adding your tracks, select the option to enter your existing ISRC. Ensure you do this for EVERY track. This is how the tracks will link on Spotify and your streaming count will merge across
  • Submit your release and we'll do the rest!


  1. To ensure your stream counts merge to your MEUTONE version, ensure that your new release is delivered and live for 48hrs prior to issuing a take-down with your old distributor. If you click into the album page on Spotify desktop, look for the '1 More Release' icon which indicates that the 2 releases have successfully merged. (Note this can take 48hrs).

  1. When you see this symbol, send a request to your previous distributor to remove their version from all online stores;
    • Tunecore - click here
    • CD Baby - click here
    • Distrokid - click on the 'Remove my music from all stores' button after you click into your product
    • DITTO - go to your release and click on 'Takedown' button

We do not recommend you close your account
as there may still be royalties owing to you in future months.


Accepted Music Format

Many stores have strict requirements for your music and format specification standards for audio files and cover art uploads. If you are getting an error message trying to upload your assets follow these simple steps to convert your files. 

Track Audio File

  • Audio file extension must be in .WAV format (CD Quality uncompressed audio).
  • Stereo, minimum 16-bit resolution, 44.1kHz sample rate
  • Under 250Mb file size
  • We do not accept mp3 files or 32bit files. 
  • We accept WAV files in higher resolution - eg. 24bit MFiT (Mastered for iTunes)

Using iTunes

  • Open iTunes Application, from the menu click 'Edit' + 'Preferences'
  • Click Import Settings and choose WAV Encoder. 
  • Leave settings as Automatic. Click OK twice to go back to the main iTunes player
  • Click on 'Songs' on the left menu tree. Drag your audio files from Explorer into the main iTunes window
  • In the iTunes window, highlight all the songs you want to convert
  • Click 'File' from the main menu, then click 'Convert' + 'Create WAV Version'
  • The selected tracks will convert to .WAV format and will save in the iTunes Music folder
  • Right-Click one of the newly converted tracks and click 'Show in Windows Explorer to find the converted track
  • Upload newly converted tracks to MEUTONE MUSIC

Using an Online Converter

  • Select 'Choose File' to upload your audio file, or import the file from Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Select Bit Resolution = 16bit
  • Select Sampling Rate = 44100 Hz
  • Select Audio Channels = Stereo
  • Leave other options unchanged and select 'Convert File'
  • File will convert and download automatically (check your downloads folder!)

Cover Artwork Requirements:

Minimum Spec

  • The file format must be.jpg/.jpeg/.png in RGB Colour (not CMYK)
  • 3000 x 3000 pixels, exact square
  • Under 10Mb filesize

Upsized images will cause them to become blurry and may be rejected.

How to check what size my image is? (Windows)

In windows explorer, right-click the image file, and click 'Properties'

Click the 'Details' tab and scroll down to the Image headline to reveal the Width & Height dimensions

If dimensions are under 3000x3000 pixels;

  • Go to RESIZENOW 
  • Click 'Select Pictures...' and upload your image
  • In the 'New Size' field, select 'Custom'
  • Type in 3000 x 3000 (width x height) in the new size fields
  • Click resize, and download the new file after it has been processed.
  • Open the file to check that the resize has not pixelated or blurred the image too much.
  • Upload the image as your cover art on the Create Your Release page.


Claiming Artists Profiles

After your music has been distributed out to DSPs and is now on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple music, Deezer, etc.. You would now want to claim your Artists Profile with them, which gives you access to your music analytics and insight to its progress with fans all around world. As well as personalizing and customize your artists profile on the platform. You can update your profile bio, manage and update your album cover arts, pitch your playlists, sell merch, promote your upcoming gigs and events, and so much more. Really get involved with your audience and interact directly with your fanbases world-wide. 


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