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Micro-Synchronization Royalties

Micro-synchronization royalties are generated when your music's audio track is being used together with a visual work, music video clips of course. These video streams for example are on platforms like YouTube, TikTok and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook stories all of these too generate royalties. Similar to synchronization royalties when your music is being used in television programs or jingles but on a micro-level. Regardless all income is welcomed when wanting to use your music. Micro-syncs also produce several different royalty streams, generating both a public performance royalty and a mechanical, as well as sound recording revenue, besides allowing Artists to monetize your music channel receiving add revenue. Even if you choose to monetize your channel, you will still have to meet YouTube's criteria with their YouTube Partner Program.

Note: Your music will not earn any revenue or royalties if ads are not placed on your videos or your content is watched by a subscribed user.


We can also upload clippings to desired parts of your music audio, if you wish shared its use for TikTok users videos content. Which may help with your music's marketing internationally, whilst its plays still generate you micro-syncs and earn you royalties for a selected 60 sec clipping

However micro-sync royalties from music placed on YouTube only can be generated inside the US and are only paid out in the USA. Meaning you most probably won't be receiving these royalties unless your works are affiliated with a PRO overseas like BMI or ASCAP,  you have a sub-publisher from the US administering your works on behalf. If not and that is the very case, where you are not signed with a publicist, don't worry MEUTONE will collect these royalties generated in the US for you. So an overall review on micro-syncs royalties; just having your video placed on your channel does not mean you are receiving micro-syncs, you first have to be affiliated with a US PRO and then register your music works with these collection societies.

YouTube Official Artist Channel

We help create independently owned channels on YouTube for our users and also their upgrade their channel to an official YouTube for artist channel. Giving you full access to your very own YouTube channel where you can engage and connect directly with fans and grow yourself as an artist or brand as well as to monetize your music. Gaining status as a respected professional artist, an Official Artist page allows you to also self-manage analytics, promote upcoming concerts and gig dates, sell your own branded mech, control and manage your content while works are Content ID protected and are earning royalties.

Content ID

We also issue Content ID for music videos on YouTube an automated system created and built by Google. It is a copyright management tool and acts as a digital fingerprint for any part of your video the melody tune and to lyrics of a song. Content ID is a tool that scans YouTube videos for anyone infringing on copyrighted works and if its complex algorithm finds a match in its database, for example, if your music was featured in someone else video on a different channel or even in the background of a persons vlog, which happens to that match your Content ID (Lyrics, Melody, Visual). Then you will be notified and copyright take-downs will be sent out to that channel that infringed on your Content ID. You have 3 options to choose how you want to pursue this breach out-lined below...

  • Block a whole video from being viewed
  • Monetize your music by running ads against it; sometimes sharing revenue with the uploaded
  • Track the video’s viewership statistics

We can also request for a personalized VEVO artists channel for your content and music works like big household names like Drake, Rihanna so forth... A professional look makes it easy to connect with other well-known popular artists around the world, possibly landing future collaborations amongst several other things. We can register artists and create a VEVO channel for you, becoming the admin to manage your content and music works. We will even create you a visual clip for your music on your very own YouTube channel, even if you don't have these.

Music releases that contain any of the following can’t be delivered to Content ID:

  • karaoke sound recordings

  • remastered or sound-alike sound recordings

  • sound recordings that contain free samples/beats; unless nobody else is able to license the same parts

  • sound recordings including uncleared samples

  • sound recordings including audio from works that are in the Public Domain or subject to open licenses such as Creative Commons


2 sources of income YouTube earns when playing monetized videos which is through ad revenue and YouTube Premium subscribers. With YouTube your videos must meet their requirements, which is your video being split into 3 types of assets visual, audio and composition but won't start generating royalties until an advertisement is placed alongside it, either before or after your music video. If your music video or content is placed on your channel, you'll have to meet their YouTube's Partner Program threshold of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours within the last 12 months from your channel or whatever channel your music video is placed on to earn royalties or revenue. Having said that, if you're not aware of this, the owner of the channel your music video is placed on could also be receiving these royalties.